Essential Oils

My favorite essential oils to enhance my yoga practice are lilac (behind the ears) and cherry (heart) from Sleeping Tiger Imports; lavender (wrists), bergamot (navel), peppermint (neck), geranium (temples), and juniper (forearms) from Hopewell Essential Oils; and Northern Lights Black Spruce (soles of the feet) and Thieves (palms) from Young Living Essential Oils. I also create themed classes around citrus, coniferous, floral, savory, or spicy scents. I typically topically apply a drop or two neat, but often, I will dilute with a carrier oil or diffuse into the air.

Carrier Oils

I recommend choosing non-comedogenic carrier oils (see Occlusive below for a couple of options), so you won’t clog your pores. Check out Holistic Health Herbalist for her comprehensive guide on the comedogenic ratings of carrier oils, Hopewell Essential Oils for a handy dilution chart and essential oils safety information, and pura d’or for a blog post on some of the chemistry behind carrier oils and how to incorporate them into your skin care regime.

Non-Comedogenic Natural Skin Care Options

* Surfactant: Micellar Water, Kiwi Seed Oil (Face/Décolletage)

* Astringent: Apple Cider Vinegar, Spearmint Essential Oil (Hair), Rose Water, Witch Hazel, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Willow Bark Extract/Salicylic Acid (Face/Décolletage)

* Humectant: Water, Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey, Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid (Face/Décolletage)

* Occlusive: Argan Oil (Hair), Safflower Oil (Face/Décolletage), High Linoleic Acid Sunflower Seed Oil (Body)

* Emollient: Shea Butter (Hands/Feet/Elbows/Knees)

* Acne Scarring: Tamanu Oil (Shoulders)

* Sun Spots: Red Raspberry Seed Oil (Face/Décolletage), Rosehip Oil (Shoulders)