Essential Oils

My favorite essential oils to enhance my yoga practice are lavender (wrists), bergamot (heart), peppermint (neck), geranium (temples), and juniper (forearms) from Hopewell Essential Oils and Northern Lights Black Spruce (soles of the feet) and Thieves (palms) from Young Living. I also create themed classes around citrus, coniferous, floral, savory, or spicy scents. I typically topically apply a drop or two neat, but occasionally, I will dilute with a carrier oil.

Carrier Oils

I recommend choosing non-comedogenic carrier oils (see Occlusive below for a couple of options), so you won’t clog your pores. Check out Holistic Health Herbalist for her comprehensive guide on the comedogenic ratings of carrier oils.

Non-Comedogenic Natural Skin Care Options

* Surfactant: Micellar Water, Kiwi Seed Oil (Face/Décolletage)

* Astringent: Apple Cider Vinegar, Spearmint Essential Oil (Hair), Rose Water, Witch Hazel, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Willow Bark Extract/Salicylic Acid (Face/Décolletage)

* Humectant: Water, Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey, Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid (Face/Décolletage)

* Occlusive: Argan Oil (Hair), Safflower Oil (Face/Décolletage), High Linoleic Acid Sunflower Seed Oil (Body)

* Emollient: Shea Butter (Hands/Feet/Elbows/Knees)

* Acne Scarring: Tamanu Oil (Shoulders)

* Sun Spots: Red Raspberry Seed Oil (Face/Décolletage), Rosehip Oil (Shoulders)